Process management

Boda & Partners Kft.

Review of business operation

Our clients usually request a review of their firm's business performance and operational efficiency. This can be motivated by specific problems (identified either externally or internally) or by special needs such as preparation for capital increase or a planned change in ownership.

Our experts can quickly and efficiently review your business operations, point out operational and strategic risks, and make specific suggestions for improvement. Our review helps you better understand the critical points and also provides alternatives for the change process.

Reshaping and establishing business processes

The dynamic evolution of each company along with frequent changes in the business (e.g. regulatory) environment call for repeated reviews and adjustments of corporate processes and, in certain cases, the establishment of new processes.

We help you to identify such situations, to outline the recommended new processes, and to implement the necessary changes (including information systems support, education of staff, and support for the change management process).

Projects for process efficiency

Business processes are the fundamental elements of corporations. Ideally, the organizational structure is in harmony with the procedural structure. Unfortunately in many cases either the processes are not linked to the corporate strategy, or the organizational structure is incompatible with the process framework.

What kind of consequences might an inefficient process framework have?

  • The cost of the process is too high.
  • The risk of the process is too high.
  • The quality of the results is too low.

We are convinced that modern corporate managers should perform regular reviews of process efficiency. At the same time they should also make sure that regular planning and monitoring activities are in place to control process efficiency.

Our experts can help you review your processes, identify the problems, and recommend actions to increase your efficiency. As always, we are ready to support you in the implementation of necessary changes.

We help you integrate individual process efficiency indicators into a complex system of company-wide performance indicators.

During implementation of our projects, we apply modern methods such as Value Stream Mapping and Lean Management.

Crisis management and interim management support

From time to time we support our clients in reorganizing their business administration with active participation in the change process or by providing interim management support.

Please contact our experienced consultants if you need such solutions.

Coaching activities for CFOs and financial leaders

We are open to provide personal coaching to CFOs and financial managers. Our experts have an excellent track record in this field.

Please contact us for more information.


  • Due diligence of business processes; recommendations for improvement at a leading webshop operator group in Hungary (2012)
  • FTE analysis and related evaluation model; support of strategic management workshop at MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Ltd. (nuclear power plant operator) (2012)
  • Due diligence of business processes and business process re-engineering at Europ Assistance Mo. Ltd. (2011)
  • Supplier Competitiveness Survey for National Development Agency of Hungary (2011)
  • Review and re-design of logistics processes + process improvement in the fields of transportation, freight forwarding, warehouse logistics and distribution at different organizations (e.g. Marks & Sencer / DHL, Andritz, Lapker, InterCom, Dumagas) (between 2007 and 2014)
  • Due diligence of financial processes and action plan for the CFO at Stolarka Wolomin (Poland) (2006)
  • Review of group strategy; process reorganization; interim management support; evaluation of acquisition targets - international logistics group (2007/2008)
  • Internal audit for Hungarian subsidiary of an international service company (2007)
  • Strategic map and definition of development projects/actions for the Technical University of Budapest (2006)
  • Business due diligence services for private equity investors (Advent International; ARX Equity Partners; Bancroft Private Equity; Enterprise Investors; Oriens Private Equity) in the CEE region (Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Rep., Slovenia) (between 2005 and 2014)
  • Interim management support for the DHL / Excel integration project in the Czech Rep. (2006-2007)
  • Interim management support for Eurogate Group (distribution business unit) (2008-2009)
  • Integration project management for an international trucking company - STD-Donivo s.r.o. (Slovakia) (2008)
  • Interim management support for a leading Romanian logistics company (since 2013)