HR management trainings

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HR Controlling

Is your company's strategy in accordance with human resource management?
You feel like your HR processes are not efficient enough?
Do you want to bring the best out of your employees?

Satisfied, properly motivated and skilled employees play a vital role in the company's success and the implementation of strategic targets. Recruitment and selection is not enough, but in accordance with the corporate strategy, planning, controlling, evaluating and motivating human resources are also important. This requires the application of more complex, controlling-related HR tools.

We provide a one day training which offers a comprehensive view of:

  • The role of HR value chain and modern HR tools,
  • The general guidelines of HR management - mainly in the area of HR controlling,
  • The difference between human resources management and strategic HR management,
  • Employee motivation systems,
  • Minimizing risks of human resources.

After the training you should be able to:

  • Harmonize human resource management with the company's strategy,
  • Make HR processes and HR costs predictable and optimized,
  • Motivate and control employees properly.

Number of participants: optional

Intellectual capital management

Are you aware of your company's exact value?
Are you aware of the fact that your company actually worth more than you can find out from financial reports?

Apart from the assets in the financial reports, a company hold more other assets, too. These are not material in nature, and although these “invisible assets” are not showing up in the reports, they are affecting and increasing the company's value. These assets are also the riskiest of all at a company: they cost a lot and they cannot be fully possessed by nature, therefore the company can lose them easily.

During our one day training program our experienced trainers introduce you to the modern and practical world of intellectual capital management. The purpose of the training is to:

  • Help identifying intellectual assets that are increasing the company's value
    • Quality competences of employees
    • The company's business relations (customers) and
    • A well-organized company structure
  • Highlight how to reduce risks of intellectual capital elements
  • Introduce the profit increasing potential of these capital elements

Number of participants: optional

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