Strategic management trainings

Boda & Partners Kft.

Business planning

Can you see a clear picture of your company's operation and business model?

Boda & Partners developed an integrated planning model which can simulate the business planning process.

The model covers the following main topics:

  • Making and understanding Balance Sheet, Income Statement and cash-flow,
  • Financial indicators, cost summaries, liquidity tables,
  • Input parameters of the planning process (e.g. production, sales, number of employees),
  • Development projects (investments and costs),
  • Determining company value.

During the training participants can learn about a company's business model and planning process. Input parameters of the planning process can be changed, as a result participants can constantly review the company's short-term actions and make necessary corrections in the business plan. Participants must compete, their goal is to operate the most profitable, and market leader company.

Using the model, simulating a real company, the participants can acquire useful and practical experiences about

  • The comprehensive operation andbusiness model of the companies
  • And an effective decision support tool.

Suggested number of participants: 6 - 16 persons

Risk management

Does your company suffer changes, or consciously managing them?
How can you flexibly adapt to changes?
How can you minimize risks from changes?

Each and every corporation faces inevitable changes from time to time, and these changes create new challenges for the company's managers. Changes may be different, their necessity can be caused by a need from the inside, or an effect from the outside. During a change the focus may be on reaching a future condition or eliminate a current situation.

There is one thing common in every change, though: they need to be managed correctly. Inappropriate change management can cause a significant extra costs and time input increase for the companies.

During the education participants can gain insights in the following topics:

  • Identifying situations where changes are needed
  • Proper planning of changes,
  • Utilizing change management methods,
  • Controlling the whole change process.

Participants can understand:

  • How to quickly and flexibly adapt to changes,
  • And how can the company's performance be increased by using methods of change management.

Number of participants: optional

Rapid scorecard

Do you want to check it quickly if your strategic goals had been realised?

In addition to short term financial approaches, modern performance evaluation systems also put great emphasis on managing and developing other resources which are ensuring future successes of the company. Balances Scorecard is a “balanced indicator system” that is built upon multiple aspects, which make your strategic goals measurable and evaluable.

Our one-day training program helps you understand the Balanced Scorecard methodology, and you will learn how to create a company's performance evaluation system. During the program our trainers walk you through the Balanced Scorecard creation process steps in an interactive way. The steps of creating a Balanced Scorecard are:

- Identifying strategic goals based on four different aspects (financial performance, customers, operating processes, learning & development);
- Creating a strategic map - defining a hierarchy among strategic goals;
- Connecting strategic goals with the core operating processes of the company;
- Specifying investment projects for reaching the goals;
- Defining performance indicators.

After the training you should be able to create your own company's performance evaluation system, which makes it possible for you not only to set strategic goals, but even realizing them.

Number of participants: 5 - 20 persons

Strategic management

How to we convert strategic goals into strategic actions?

Strategic planning and controlling has been an essential part of corporate operations. A well prepared strategic plan and planning model ensures the basis of controllability and long-term sustainability of the company.

The training offers an interactive, effective and practical corporate program which simulates the strategic planning process. During the training participant groups can test their strategic decisions' business effects. During the game teams need to decide about their company's strategy, investment projects and financing methods. During the tasks solving process each company competes with each other, and their results get evaluated after the training.

The training makes it possible for participants to understand:

  • Overall operation of a company
  • The importance of strategic planning and dilemmas arising during the planning process
  • The operation of corporate strategic and operative planning systems
  • The most important financial indicators
  • The most advanced corporate governance practices.

In addition the training

  • Improves cooperation in the teams, and strengthens the role of team work
  • Increases team productivity

Suggested number of participants: 6 - 16 persons

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