Intellectual capital

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We have been actively researching intellectual capital management for over ten years. We believe that, beyond the asset categories recognized by conventional accounting (e.g. physical assets and financial-monetary assets), companies also need to focus on their different intellectual asset categories. These include the following:

  • External Intangible Assets - formal and informal relationships with customers, suppliers, strategic partners, regulators, creditors, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Internal Intangible Assets - the trait of "being organized"; the ability to overcome challenges and solve problems by following internal procedures; the capability of setting goals and fulfilling them; access to other financial and non-financial resources.
  • Human Competence Assets- the employees' individual capabilities that touch the organization's operation; their abilities to contribute to the creation of value.

The special characteristics of intellectual assets make their management much more challenging than the management of conventional assets. These kinds assets are usually:

  • difficult to identify (or capture)
  • difficult to value
  • difficult to analyze their capacity position
  • difficult to assess regarding quality
  • difficult to evaluate impairment
  • difficult to judge regarding the necessity of investment
  • difficult to control (i.e. to exercise ownership over)

We help our clients systematically to evaluate their intellectual asset base at all levels: in the corporation as a whole, in each department, in every process, and for each product.

We help to answer the following questions relating to this “hidden” resource base:

  • What is their role in the value chain?
  • What is the current status of these asset groups?
  • Where do we have bottlenecks?
  • Are there places where there is excess capacity?
  • What is the risk of certain asset groups and key assets?
  • What kind of investments are necessary to increase and/or improve our intellectual assets? Can we expect a return on these investments?

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